Monday, February 26, 2007

Crickets - in February???

I am finding this SO disturbing. As I got home tonight I paused at the front door to our shotgun apartment, to listen to crickets! It was about 72 degrees with sunshine today. I'm sure that s likely normal for Nawlins but not for ME!!
Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining. I like warm sunny weather as much as the next person. The thing that disturbs me is that it makes me fear what it will be like to live here in June - and then July, then August and September.
And please bare in mind that there comes with hot humid sticky weather a very large hazard - mosquitoes!! They are the size of dragons down here and the bite like snakes!!
I love this city, I love living here but I keep wondering when I'll have to "pay" for all of this and I have a feeling it will be SUMMER!!!! Stay tuned .......


eyeball_kid said...

It will be summer, of this you can be sure. You will pay with buckets of sweat and perhaps some tears. But in the meantime, enjoy Spring. There's no city on earth as gorgeous as New Orleans in the springtime.

Mark said...

I've just come home after a long absence and brought my wife and children, none of whom have more than visited. My wife, originally from North Dakota where we spent the last year, is constantly confused by the weather. Saturday (3/10) was June weather for NoDak, and yet it is only march.

She did know what she was in for, having visited in mid-summer and lived in Washington, D.C. where the summer climate is much the same. It will take some getting used to. Dress for it. Don't hurry when you don't have to. Walk on teh shady side of the street. You'll adjust.