Wednesday, March 21, 2007


As I said in my last post, everyday I learn something new and wonderful about this city and yesterday was no exception. A friend told me about a great duo that would be playing at the DBA, a bar, on Frenchman Street. So after I finished work at ten thirty I came home and met Dazza and we went down to Frenchman.

Wow. On the little stage at the DBA was this wiry energetic guy with wild hair and an orange shirt wrapped around his double bass. Next to him was a slight silver haired drummer responding to every twist and turn.

The bass player was James Singleton (pictured in the photo) and the drummer Johnny Vidacovich. Singleton had an array of pedals at his feet that enabled an electric ostinato for him to improvise on top of. He used the bow in frenetic high pitched acrobatics pushing the boundaries of the heights of the instrument and utilising every harmonic. He would then throw the bow into his tiny quiver attached to his tailpiece and start thumping out some funky lines with some slap bass thrown in. I've never heard a bass player make an upright bass sound so big and so deep. And certainly never heard one do slap bass and make it sound as good or better than an electric. I was blown away.

The drummer was astounding too. He responded to every change of mood. He twisted and turned using every effect possible. And he also sang and did the 'commentary'.

They are playing at the DBA next Tuesday night too - so if you can go and check them out - they'll blow you away!!

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