Monday, March 12, 2007

NOLA Blogging

Since my last post I have made a wonderful discovery - a large, varied, informed, exciting blogging community in N'awlins. It shouldn't come as a surprise to me that the blogging community reflects the rest of the city - welcoming, friendly, gutsy, great sense of humor, pissed off at FEMA and government and not afraid to say it. I will be adding more and more blogs to my sidebar as I make my way through the lists that are on the blogs I have found.

Mark's Wet Bank blog is full of intelligent well written polemic posts which are informative and thought provoking. Travelingmermaid has lots of photos, links, and arty stuff - plus on Monday she kindly bestows a piece of ocean inspired music. Gentilly Girl gets me all riled up with her 'say it like it is' posts - I think they should print them out and put them on the idiot's desk in the oval office every morning!! Dangerblond is a blog of an artist in Metarie and she is a one woman tour-de-force of broken traffic signal reporting and to whom I will say a thank you to when I go through a certain light on my way to teach later on this afternoon.

There are more blogs out there for me to explore and I'll update the sidebar as I go.


dangerblond said...

Thanks! I hope you will make it to Geek Dinner III.

Cursed Tea said...

Sadly I can't come - I'm working that night - :(
Maybe next time...

Karen said...