Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh the Joy of Photo ops!!

"New Orleans Needs Federal Aid, Not Presidential Photo-Ops.
Mr. President: Katrina Survivors Do Not Welcome You, We Rebuke You!"
This is a quote from loki at Humid City - a N'awlins blogging site.

The president is visiting today. And he is a smart cookie - eehhhm cough, splutter - I mean his advisers are smart cookies!! He is visiting a New Orleans Charter school today to see how post-Katrina the city's public schools are getting a fresh start. Hhhm let me see where is this school situated. Oh yeah - Uptown! Where everything is up and running and the had little or no flooding. Yeah a perfect place for a photo op to delude America into thinking things have turned around here really well.

Shouldn't he be out in Chalmette where everyone is living in FEMA trailers? Shouldn't he have cameras following him round all the broken parts of this city that show we need more funding more money more support more action more quickly! Then show the rest of America all the good bits that are up and running for the pleasure of tourists and travellers and partiers the world over.

But doing that would be dumb. It would mean facing the truth and letting it be told. One wouldn't want one's approval ratings to fall any lower, well not over something as insignificant as N'awlins.


Chris said...

Hello there, just a quick note to say hi and thanks for posting on my blog. I've read a few of your posts and I find them quite interesting. I've never been to New Orleans but my heart went out to the people when the hurricane hit. I too was horrified at the lack of response from the US government. I know I'm just a Canadian, but how on earth did Bush get in for a 2nd term? I'm still baffled.

I'm appreciating your views on what things are like there. I think that's one of the great things about blogs. It allows the common man to be heard and communicate with the rest of the world. Even Canadians in Scotland reading about life in the US.

Cursed Tea said...

thanks for reading my witterings!!

Have you gone to 'Mother India' yet (the cafe is v affordable!) ?


Chris said...

Haven't had a chance to scope it out yet. I usually grab some take a way on the way home if I've pulled a late night at the office and don't have the energy to work. I'll let you know when I do and give you a full report on the menu.

Any good curry where you are or are you developing a taste for Jambalaya?

Minx said...

A disaster happens, the world rages and then another one comes along and attention is diverted elsewhere.
At least the presence of the twat, known as Bush, keeps attention where it should be.