Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pumps, Levees ... follow-up

Thanks to leigh c. for giving me some leads on where to find info on the state of NOLA's pumps and levees. She recommended these two blogs : Fix The Pumps, and NOLA Dishu. Both have lots to read and think about. She also recommended these books:
"Holding Back the Sea" by Christopher Hallowell

"Bayou Farewell" by Mike Tidwell

I am going to find these and peruse them - likely I'll need a glass or two of whisky (Scotch of course!) to steady my nerves as I dig further into this issue. I will write a detailed blog post when I am more informed - I have the feeling I'll have lots to rant about.....


Leigh C. said...

Honey, you're gonna need the whole bottle. I suggest some Glenlivet.

Or, if you're feeling a little different, some Jack Daniels.

Cursed Tea said...

Thanks but I'm thinking "Talisker"!!