Thursday, April 12, 2007

Think? huh?

I just received a nomination from Horizon for a thinking blogger award. I am touched and honoured that she thinks that I actually think before blaring away on my keyboard!

The task is now passed to me to do the same for five blogs that make me think [and thereby giving anyone who should stumble here a highly recommended way out of this blog!]

I wish I could nominate the entire New Orleans blogging community, but as it is here are a few bright sparks:

Mark at Wetbank Blog. Always hard hitting, always controversial, always makes me think. My IQ goes up after every visit.

Traveling mermaid was my first foray into the NOLA blogging circle. I love her blog - full of fun, feisty political commentary and music (really like Rotary Downs that she linked to recently!).

Adrastos is a Nola blogger with a taste for British politics. My two worlds converge somewhat, under his posts. I am also glad to hear of someone else who reads the Guardian in N'awlins.

Ashley Morris is way more intelligent than I could ever hope to be and my wee brain cells get quite the workout following all his witty comments and links.

And finally a non-N'awlins blog:
Katie at Longayelander is an American girl from Long Island who is experiencing the joys (and irn bru, pub culture, and vomit...) of living in Glasgow. Its definitely thought provoking to see my country through an other's eyes.


Adrastos said...

Aww shucks, thanks CT. As long as I don't have to wear a kilt or eat haggis as part of the deal, he said, ducking for cover.

Cursed Tea said...

No no - only you do realise men in kilts are sexy and haggis is a most wonderful dish (just don't think about what may be in it - but if you eat hotdogs... - or if you are really squeamish you can have veggie haggis)


TravelingMermaid said...

Wait a minute....didn't anyone tell you BLONDES DON'T THINK?????

Thanks for the kind word, sweetie!

Cursed Tea said...

note MY hair colour too!!

ashley said...

One small correction: I'm a twit.

Katie said...

Irn-Bru is definitely NOT one of the joy's of Glasgow. Thanks for the nomination, though. :)

Katie said...

I meant joys, not joy's. Geez.

Cursed Tea said...

Ashley this is non-judgemental, unbiased blog - I am radical in my politics: I think blondes can think and twits be witty and intelligent!

Katie - I hope you may stay long enough in Glasgea to enjoy the joys of Irn Bru (its cured many a hangover for me....hey maybe they should import it to N'alins??)