Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The Saints are 0-3!! We got whooped again last night and it was a depressing thing to witness. I'd like to stress I am no fair weather fan and I'll stick by them but its a rough task right now. It feels like watching Scotland play England at rugby only every week...!!!

I don't know what has happened to Brees or MacAllister or Bush. This was a team that was number one for offense in the entire NFL last year - this year we are more than likely last!!

The team held a jazz funeral and buried all their awards and trophies from last season to help them have a fresh start for 07/08. It obviously was a very bad idea. They buried their ability to play football with it!!!

So my plea for myself and all those amazing Who Dat fans, is pleeeeeease dig the coffin up!!!!! Its only in Metairie - I'll go and do it for them if they want. Only do something to change the gris-gris before we rename the Superdome Superdepressing!!!

And this just makes things even more gloomy.


Carl said...

I've been a diehard Saints fan since I was a little kid in the 60's-70's and have remained a Saints fan ever since. I share a cubicle at work (don't get one of my own) and have a small space for personal items which include a Saints license plate tacked to the wall and a Deuce McAllister action figure made by McFarlane Toys). We're not allowed to wear anything but "business casual" attire but my CHAIR can wear anything so for example last Monday my chair wore my gold Reggie Bush jersey.

Cait said...

I'm a football nut, and date a sportswriter for NOLA.com (as you can probably tell from my blog)...but our offensive line is atrocious at creating passing lanes for Brees. He's not a particularly tall quarterback, after all.

Bush is too much of a 3rd down man, too. We simply can't rely on him to make blunt carries - he goes for flash on third down conversions.

(I expect to see Pierre Thomas activated and a simpler, pared down offense in the next game. Thank God for bye week.)