Saturday, October 28, 2006

Funky Bagpipes!!

OK, so last night I went with some of my collegues to a well known bar in Uptown - so well known in fact it has its own entry in Wikepedia : Fat Harry's Last night there was a band playing there called "James River Monument". They were fantastic typical Nawlins style - funk, jazz, lots of brass. There we were happily enjoying the band getting "down with it" and watching the mixed crowd of all ages doing the funky butt and other moves, when the lead singer and sax player took out a set of bagpipes!! I have to admit my heart sank a little dreading what awful sound would be produced and I'd have to stand up for this instrument of my homeland and say 'no in actual fact it can be played very well ...'. This time was different. This guy was a fantastic piper and even better, there was no pretence at Scottish music or Irish jigs - this was full on New Orleans bagpipe playing : FUNKY PIPES!!!
I love this town.....!

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HORIZON said...

lol- sounds brilliant- wish l had been there too.
Hope your keeping well.
bESTS for now