Sunday, October 22, 2006


I am currently listening to the local radio station here in N'awlins that plays all the local music - funk, soul, r&b, jazz and Cajun - yes cajun and they speak half in Cajun French that would never be accepted in France!! The cajun music is a wonderful mish mash cross of blue grass, accordian music, polka all normally accompanying the husky voice of cajun french and sometimes english.
I find it amazing that in this place music that is so profoundly uncool elsewhere is transformed into real gems: brass bands become funky wonders; accordian polkas are fast pulsating feet stompers; the fiddle that would seems on first listening to be playing blue grass, on closer scrutiny has a lot in common with the fiddle music of french cafes.
You can listen online to this hodge podge of New Orleans magical music melting pot:

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