Thursday, November 30, 2006

NPR - Nutria Hunting in Jefferson Parish

The god send of all car journeys in the USA is when you are blessed with finding enough NPR stations between two cities. Luckily Miami to New Orleans is not too bad (except for a redneck part of Florida). So while I was listening on Tuesday in my car, to "All Things Considered" I heard an interesting story on the Sheriff of Jefferson Parish who has got himself into hot water again for his less that PC ways of law enforcement. He is quite a character and the article is well worth listening to or reading the webpage - here.

But the great part of the story was not about the Sheriff. It was about a bunch of guys he hires to go out in pick-up trucks and shoot Nutria - a form of swamp rat (click on it for more info). It is so Louisiana to know there are a bunch of guys who go out with guns to shoot these rodent pests to try to prevent them from burrying into the levees and damaging them. I'm surprised fema didn't try to blame the flood from Katrina on this hairy, whiskery fella instead!!

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