Wednesday, May 02, 2007

No we are NOT OK - and Boston knows it!

I have just seen a very very interesting article on Ashley's blog. It is an article written by a woman from Boston about New Orleans and the lack of progress here. It is worth taking the time to read - it is a view from outside and gives an impression to those of you who don't live here but saw all that TV footage, of what it really is like here in what a lot of NOLA bloggers have started to "affectionately" call Debrisville!!!

So please go here to the Boston Globe article and get angry, get understanding of why the people in New Orleans feel abandoned by their country and are still saying NO we are not OK!!


celcus said...

From all I have heard, I am pretty sure that most of the north east gets it.

After all, they saw their homeland defense and anti-terrorism funding shipped off to Iowa and S. Dakota, because (if I remember this correctly) New York was lacking in National Monuments. Yeah, they get it.

Cursed Tea said...

Good point Celcus!!

Hhhmmm let me see ... what political persuasion are those cities .... hhhmmm ... oh yeah - Democrat!! Where as Dakota, Iowa far more sensible Republican!!!

Hhhhmmmm New Orleans let me see.... oh yeah doesn't vote with the rest of the hicksville right wingers in Louisiana - I guess being "right" is what matters!!


Peg said...

It's absolutely abhorrent the way New Orleans has been can find an update on Larry f'ing Birkhead/ANS/Dannielynn or whatever nauseating 'celebrity du jour' story any time of the day or night, but NOLA has been removed from the radar.

Oh, it so chaps my hide--it is but one of the reasons that I'm appalled with our governmental institutions. And I'm equally appalled with the the media, because for the most part, in their pandering to the government, they have neglected to offer much coverage, if any, to keep this travesty in the forefront.

Not all Americans have forgotten...but you wouldn't know it based on what the area still looks like.

Cursed Tea said...

Thank you so much for your comment!! I think the great thing about this Boston article is that it gets more word out there in the country for people to realise what we are living with down here. Only last night a friend told me that he'd heard that allegedly there has supposedly been 125 billion spent on New Orleans but I don't believe it - there is no evidence on even a quarter of such money here. We sure should use some though....

If there wasn't a war .. I wonder ... but there would probably be another way to screw this city...

Thank you for your anger and outrage - we need all the pissed off people we can get right now!!

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