Friday, May 04, 2007

Stormy Weather

At 2.44 am I was woken with a jolt - a jolt of lightning. There was a terrific bang and my heart leaped trying to escape my petrified chest. Then there was another and a disgruntled animal growled loudly in the distance. The growling and the flashing got more intense until our ears were whipped by a clap of rage. Sleep was impossible with such a battle going on in the dark of night. Nature asserted her superior place and I curled up and closed my eyes waiting for the battle to end.

I have seen and heard some astounding storms in the US. Once in Aspen, Colorado, I was shaken along with the building I was in, when a bolt hit just outside the door. In Cleveland there was a freakish storm that literally rolled in. There was this huge black/green cloud that rolled over the horizon like a wave and engulfed the city in a firestorm of flashes, clashes and splashes. When Dazza and I were moving to Miami we drove from Atlanta to Savannah and went through a series of storms that seemed never ending. We got the fright of our lives when a bolt hit the median just as we were passing with the windscreen wipers on full pelt and rain thrashing out any vision of the road ahead. We saw electric storms with no rain driving through 115 degree heat in the Utah desert.

But last night was the loudest, most ferocious I have ever experienced. The clouds must have been low and the Gods very angry. I generally love listening to storms - probably because we'd hardly ever have any in Scotland - but last night I have to admit they had me a little spooked.


Leigh C. said...

The storms were like that where I grew up in Houston as well. And the crashing of the thunder seemed to be at its loudest early in the morning.

Chris said...

I have experienced a few of those kinds of storms in the Pacific Northwest but they are very unusual. Although, it is very pretty when placed against the mountains.

I have not experienced any electrical storms in Scotland. Mostly just wind and rain with the occasional snow. I hope all is well.

Best Wishes,