Friday, May 04, 2007

Water Water Everywhere

New Orleans is flooded again. But not from any hurricane. From those storms I posted about earlier and the ones I heard this afternoon. There were flood warnings out for part of the city that are vulnerable. De Gaulle on the West Bank is flooded, parts of St Charles, a section of Tchoupitoulas, and various other locations have people stranded at work trying to get home and school kids at school waiting to be picked up. You can read about it in the Times Picayune.

They are also reporting that the Corps of Engineers have asked the pumping station at London Avenue be shut down because the water level was too high in the canal and they want to protect the walls of the canal. The pumping stations are supposed to be for this very scenario (not hurricanes - or rather "federal floods"). N'awlins very often floods in heavy rains (an' you ain't seen heavy rain till you've seen Looeseana rain!!).

There has been flurry of NOLA bloggers giving advice for folks trapped at work. In fact just now they are reporting that the water in Uptown is receding fast - but that the low lying areas downtown are "seriously soggy"!!


Anonymous said...

marvin, eat your heart out...

Cursed Tea said...

anon- nobody does it better