Thursday, September 06, 2007

And we thought Katrina was bad....they tried to nuke us!

Just saw this story in the Guardian. Apparently the Pentagon really dropped the ball on this one but luckily for us didn't drop anything else!!! Someone accidentally (apparently) fixed nuclear warheads to the wings of a B-52 bomber and flew it from the Canadian border to Southern Louisiana!!

So the Federal flood was not enough - they wanted to finish the job in a big way......

Would someone please rescue us from this insanity and incompetence - maybe we need to be invaded and under go "regime change" - pleeease - we'll come into the streets cheering and meet the invading army with flowers (as long as they agree not to nuke us!!!).


Gwen said...

I think that any regime is better than the one you are currently suffering under.

Cursed Tea said...

well maybe not Nazi Germany......or Stalin's terror ... or Mao's cultural revolution... or the Taliban...or Iran

but excepting those then, yes, anything else please!

dillyberto said...

Those wingnuts in the north get boxed up all winter due to snow and lose sanity.

Regime change?


dillyberto said...

Okay, papal because my mother-in-law can't handle the idea of reinstituting the Latin Mass.

George "Loki" Williams said...

Dr. Strangelove has his bunker waiting, just make sure not to contaminate your precious bodily fluids.