Saturday, September 08, 2007

Freret Market: reminds me why I love this town.

I was tootling around uptown running errands when I was blessed with a New Orleans moment. I was driving down Freret Street and stumbled upon the opening day of the new Freret Market in Uptown - admittedly had I been reading the TP more avidly I would likely have picked up on it sooner.

There were art stalls, fresh shrimp stalls, jewellery stalls, second hand clothes stalls, food stalls (Dunbars!!!) and even a fortune reader. This being New Orleans, right in the midst of it all was a brass band playing their hearts out and the best thing was they were all young men - perhaps signalling that the passing of the brass band tradition is still alive and well in this town (they sounded good!!).

In spite of the heat (I'm a northern European girl after all!!), I went away with a smile and relieved to see another positive thing taking place in this town amongst all that is still in disarray.


Charlotte said...

And I almost time!

Ray said...

I wished I'd gone to it. It's nice having an Uptown farmer's market on the weekends, even if it is only once a month.

peter said...

Next market is October 6th. Go to for more info.

This is only the beginning.....

Peter Gardner

NOLA Cleophatra said...

I thought the market was great too.

Thanks for stopping by the ol' blogge. If you want to be added to the neighborhood email list, let me know


and so we can invite y'all over for a wee dram sometime.

Cait said...

We usually walk our collie to CC's on Magazine every weekend. Great pics!