Saturday, September 15, 2007

Magazine on a beautiful Saturday

the street names are tiled into the pavement in Uptown - some are sadly broken but I was psyched to find this one
Geaux Saints!!!!! (this town will turn anyone into a Saints fan - and I mean anyone - one of my friends just moved here and hates football - half a Saints game and she's hooked!!!!)
great second hand clothes shop - with fantastically coloured crazy wigs!
Balcony Bar - great vantage point to watch the antics of St Patrick's day parade - and to drink lots of beer with friends!!
my favourite coffee shop!!
great diner!!
great seafood
still can't get used to living somewhere that has banana trees - crazy!!!
the oaks that line most avenues in uptown are fantastic - they are almost beast-like
my favourite wee row of houses on Louisiana
water meter cover - they are a symbol for New Orleans


charlotte said...

Doncha just luv the Funky Monkey? There and Winky's are always must stops for me on a Magazine Saturday.

Thanks for the great pix!

Carl said...

I just discovered your blog and am enjoying the photos. I miss going to New Orleans and haven't been in far too long. I grew up not too far in Mississippi and my parents took my brother and I on many weekend mini-vacations. My wife grew up in Gulfport and also went to New Orleans often. My brother now lives in Slidell and works out of New Orleans. My wife and I now live in Tallahassee, Florida and both of us miss visiting New Orleans. I tried on more than one occassion of getting a job with one of the television stations out there (I recently worked almost 10 years at a Tallahassee TV station) with no luck. My wife has a small chance of getting a job as a professor at a junior college on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and if that comes through we'll be able to visit the city once again. Plus I'll be able to go to Saints games again.

Anyway, I ramble.

I've added your blog to my blog's blogroll and plan on visiting your blog again soon.

oyster said...

Wonderful pics, Cursed Tea! I know all those places very well, and they never looked better!

NOLA Cleophatra said...

Great pics of the 'hood!

On which corner did you find the intact "Magazine" tiles?

Cursed Tea said...

Thanks guys

Christy - I think it was the corner before the Funky Monkey - but I could be wrong but it was thereabouts and definitely on that side of the street.