Friday, October 12, 2007

What has happened to me???

I'm Scottish. I have braved so many cold, no freezing, mornings I can't count them. I have grown up being taken on a brisk, no freezing, walk on Christmas day each and every year. I am an expert at focusing on my tummy warmth so I don't notice that my hands feel like they've got frostbite.

This morning I woke in New Orleans in our little rented half shotgun and I was cold, shivering, complaining. I woke demanding that we sleep with more blankets. I hurriedly dressed and put on my teddy bear fleece - it looks like the fur from a blond teddy bear.

The temperature in our little shotgun was 70 degrees (that's 21 degrees Celsius) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What has happened to me? Have I lost all my training from growing up in Scotland. Am I turning into a woos?

I am now quaking in fear for when the temperature drops to a spine chilling 40 degrees (4 degrees Celsius) this Winter. How will I ever make it through ..... ?????


Charlotte said...

You are too funny, girl. :)

molly gras said...

never fear my Scottish transplant ... that is what good bourbon whiskey (and lots of it!) is for.

Just mosey on down to one of them there convenient corner bars and set yourself up with a "winterizing" tab.

It'll keep ya nice and cozy in the weeks to come.

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

One day you will be in another part of the country/world and a group of people will be griping about the oppressive heat and how humid it is.

Someone will notice your lack of comment and ask "aren't you hot?" and you will honestly be able to say..."Hot? I hadn't noticed."

mominem said...

The theory here abouts is that once you go through a summer in New Orleans your blood thins and you can't stand the cold. Of course you don't like the heat much either.