Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The Saints are 0-3!! We got whooped again last night and it was a depressing thing to witness. I'd like to stress I am no fair weather fan and I'll stick by them but its a rough task right now. It feels like watching Scotland play England at rugby only every week...!!!

I don't know what has happened to Brees or MacAllister or Bush. This was a team that was number one for offense in the entire NFL last year - this year we are more than likely last!!

The team held a jazz funeral and buried all their awards and trophies from last season to help them have a fresh start for 07/08. It obviously was a very bad idea. They buried their ability to play football with it!!!

So my plea for myself and all those amazing Who Dat fans, is pleeeeeease dig the coffin up!!!!! Its only in Metairie - I'll go and do it for them if they want. Only do something to change the gris-gris before we rename the Superdome Superdepressing!!!

And this just makes things even more gloomy.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My New House Guard

Just goes to show in this town, you can never be sure what will greet you when you get home. I am just recovering from chasing this little fella all around my front door to a position where I could actually be brave enough to unlock my door. I then summoned all my courage and opened the door and went inside only to find that he'd scarpered - and of course my subsequent fear was 'oh shit he's in the house'!!

Luckily he'd hopped the other direction... whew!! I had a tense few hours when we were in Miami chasing a tiny lizard (perhaps salamander - but it was green??) round our tiny studio apartment and I didn't fancy doing the same with a New Orleans tree frog!!

I don't do well with creepy crawlies or amphibians....
and I live where...????
I must be crazy - or just brave!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Magazine on a beautiful Saturday

the street names are tiled into the pavement in Uptown - some are sadly broken but I was psyched to find this one
Geaux Saints!!!!! (this town will turn anyone into a Saints fan - and I mean anyone - one of my friends just moved here and hates football - half a Saints game and she's hooked!!!!)
great second hand clothes shop - with fantastically coloured crazy wigs!
Balcony Bar - great vantage point to watch the antics of St Patrick's day parade - and to drink lots of beer with friends!!
my favourite coffee shop!!
great diner!!
great seafood
still can't get used to living somewhere that has banana trees - crazy!!!
the oaks that line most avenues in uptown are fantastic - they are almost beast-like
my favourite wee row of houses on Louisiana
water meter cover - they are a symbol for New Orleans

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Freret Market: reminds me why I love this town.

I was tootling around uptown running errands when I was blessed with a New Orleans moment. I was driving down Freret Street and stumbled upon the opening day of the new Freret Market in Uptown - admittedly had I been reading the TP more avidly I would likely have picked up on it sooner.

There were art stalls, fresh shrimp stalls, jewellery stalls, second hand clothes stalls, food stalls (Dunbars!!!) and even a fortune reader. This being New Orleans, right in the midst of it all was a brass band playing their hearts out and the best thing was they were all young men - perhaps signalling that the passing of the brass band tradition is still alive and well in this town (they sounded good!!).

In spite of the heat (I'm a northern European girl after all!!), I went away with a smile and relieved to see another positive thing taking place in this town amongst all that is still in disarray.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

And we thought Katrina was bad....they tried to nuke us!

Just saw this story in the Guardian. Apparently the Pentagon really dropped the ball on this one but luckily for us didn't drop anything else!!! Someone accidentally (apparently) fixed nuclear warheads to the wings of a B-52 bomber and flew it from the Canadian border to Southern Louisiana!!

So the Federal flood was not enough - they wanted to finish the job in a big way......

Would someone please rescue us from this insanity and incompetence - maybe we need to be invaded and under go "regime change" - pleeease - we'll come into the streets cheering and meet the invading army with flowers (as long as they agree not to nuke us!!!).