Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Crypts

It has taken me a little over a year to get my butt on a tour of the New Orleans crypts. They are amazing and our tour guide, Lloyd, was fantastic. I took an obscene number of photos and was missing having my canon EOS 500 - I SO want a digital one. But my little cheapo olympus still took some nice shots. I love the iron work, the crosses, the gothic romance of it all. I also love how it looks like downtown grows out of the crypts.

Friday, October 12, 2007

What has happened to me???

I'm Scottish. I have braved so many cold, no freezing, mornings I can't count them. I have grown up being taken on a brisk, no freezing, walk on Christmas day each and every year. I am an expert at focusing on my tummy warmth so I don't notice that my hands feel like they've got frostbite.

This morning I woke in New Orleans in our little rented half shotgun and I was cold, shivering, complaining. I woke demanding that we sleep with more blankets. I hurriedly dressed and put on my teddy bear fleece - it looks like the fur from a blond teddy bear.

The temperature in our little shotgun was 70 degrees (that's 21 degrees Celsius) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What has happened to me? Have I lost all my training from growing up in Scotland. Am I turning into a woos?

I am now quaking in fear for when the temperature drops to a spine chilling 40 degrees (4 degrees Celsius) this Winter. How will I ever make it through ..... ?????