Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Bachelor Mockingbird really needs a date!!

It is 2 am. I am not asleep, I am instead listening to the cheep cheep whirrr chirrup chirrup of a mockingbird. During daylight this sounds is mystical, virtuosic and maybe even fascinating. But at 2am I feel filled with a desire to ring the neck of the little warbling bastard.

Resisting the urge to do just that, coupled with my eternal disdain for climbing trees - day or night - I resorted to google to try to find out why this little bugger is torturing me so. Google turned up trumps. I found this article explaining that my night visitor is a lonely pitiful bachelor trying with all his might (and lungs) to lure a female mockingbird to share his empty nest. I feel sad for the little fella. Yet I am wondering where the hell are all the female mockingbirds in this town? If I can't sleep through all this racket how the hell can they AND they actually have the power to shut the wee bastard up and let the rest of the world get some sleep.

Not that I wish any harm to come to him ... but where the hell are all the stray feral cats when you need them. I'd quite happily pay one to climb that feathered menace's tree right now!!!

chir chirrup cheep squeal .... can't even decide on a tune ... sheesh ... is there no end to his mockery

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Looking at the pics below made me think of talking to my Mum on the phone. In Britain and particularly in Scotland, there is a general preoccupation, some would say obsession, with talking about the weather. It is normal, almost expected, that somewhere in a conversation the question shall be asked 'So, what's the weather like with you today?'.

When my Mum asks me this on the phone I normally chuckle and give my rote answer - "Oh, same as yesterday, warm (or hot) and sunny". Don't get me wrong, sometimes New Orleans can have stunningly dramatic rainstorms that flood the streets, or thunder storms loud enough to wake you in the middle of the night with your heart in your mouth (and we all know about the "H" word), but generally the weather is hot & sunny.

When the weather is generally the same (and generally nice), no one really becomes obsessed with a daily discussion on the weather. But in Scotland when horizontal freezing rain can greet you outside the door for a week its no surprise that it should become a daily topic.

Oh, its warm & sunny today [again] by the way!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

N'awlins Hoosies Uptown

This blog has become rather negative of late and I don't like that. New Orleans is a very challenging place to live but it still has so many wonderful unique and startling things to be grateful for. The hoosies are a good place to start.
My favourite row of hoosies (above) .... they are so cute.

I like how this hoose appears to be growing out of the swamp ....
There is a huge variety of style of N'awlins hoosies.

The gingerbread details is gorgeous.

This one may very well be my absolute favourite.