Tuesday, April 29, 2008


OK, I'm still shaking. I was just going to sleep when I heard approximately 20 gunshots outside on the street!!! Yes, that's right OUTSIDE my house!!!!!! Shaking, I immediately called 911 and told the police.

My neighbors all cautiously came out onto the street to find out what was going on. One person witnessed it and said they saw two cars shooting at each other. The witness had just got home with his girlfriend and they had to hide for cover behind their SUV. The police are now there and are identifying gun casings outside on my street!!! I'd never seen a gun casing until tonight!!

I know there is too much crime in this city. I know there is no "safe area" of town. I now REALLY know it can happen anywhere, including my front porch.

I love New Orleans but with both our cars being hit by a drunk driver, two car accidents (neither my fault) in which I've been hurt and its affected my career this year, and now THIS ... I'm not sure if I can be here anymore. And I say this having lived in the ghetto in Cincinnati (opposite a crack house for a year!!). We could so easily have been walking home from the bar.

A small house in the Scottish Highlands sounds like heaven right now.


Anonymous said...

You're living in the wrong neighborhood. Move to Algiers. I've lived in Walnut Bend for 30 years this May and have never seen or experienced anything like that.
The neighborhood is racially mixed and everybody looks out for everybody else. Of course, I live in a 60's ranch....which is AOK with me. :)

Uptown is highly over-rated.

Sorry you had to experience this. (((hugs)))

Carl said...

Maybe Slidell. My brother lives there.

Cursed Tea said...

This is the thing that is so frustrating - I live on a street with nice neighbors, of mixed race, and no one on my street had anything to do with the shooting. It is scary that such a thing can happen anywhere - the people engaging in the gunfights are after all in cars ....

If my only option is Slidell, Covington or the suburbs across the river, then I think I'd rather move to a different city ....